Monday, March 3, 2014

Challah Braiding with the PJ Library

Our Jewish Program Coordinator Cyndi Rand has recently attended Song Leader Boot Conference in St. Louis, MO designed to enhance her engagement and leadership skills as a Jewish Educator. She came back with renewed energy, tools, connections and passion.

Immediately upon her return, she organized and held a highly successful event “Beauty of Braiding Challah” with twelve local Jewish families in attendance. For twenty four years Cyndi had no successful mentoring of how to braid challah until she located a YouTube video of a bread baker in England who artfully described the easy way of braiding challah. She learned and shared her newly acquired knowledge with the families. Cyndi combined this skill with reading a PJ Library book on Shabbat celebration, celebrating the beauty of Judaism, creating connections and inspiring them to continue being part of the Y family and the greater Jewish community.

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