Monday, May 11, 2015

"My Experience" by Daniel Romero

My Experience
by Daniel Romero

   My name is Daniel A. Romero and my experience in the Y teen leadership program has been amazing ever since the beginning. The program is supposed to be a group of young teenagers, like myself, who try to help solve worldwide problems, or simply help places that are in need. From helping hospitals to entertaining residents at a nursing home, I have never felt this good. It is a shame that we are only able to do this once a week.

   Our program teacher Lidia Martinez (Teen Leadership specialist) is an amazing person to work with and was so nice to me on the first day we met. I remember I didn't want to go when it all started, but after the first day I was very interested in what we had talked about that had to do with some problems around the world. 

   After a couple of classes we held a blood drive at the Y so that we can donate the blood to the hospitals who had a shortage of blood. They had a shortage because many blood donors didn't go to the hospital since Hurricane Irene had hit Manhattan. This is an example of what we do. 

   Throughout the class these past 2 years there were so many topics we discussed and what we can do to help like war, racism, women rights, LGBT rights, and police brutality. We all know that we can't stop these types of things, but we can sure try. The people I work with are the best and we always work to figure out what to do with any social problem. I hope this program continues going on for a while. I would also like to thank Lidia and Abraham (after school teen program director) because those two are one of kind.

-Daniel Romero, Y Teen Leadership Program

How baseball helped Nepal

We had a mother-load of fun this Sunday at the Dyckman Fields on May 10 for the Hudson Cliffs Baseball League.  Despite the holiday, we maintained strong attendance. Special thanks to all of our mom's who made it out to the diamond!

But let's rewind to May 3rd, and the first ever HCBL charity bake sale.  Leo and Reuben, a couple kind-hearted young baseballers, took it upon themselves to organize the event to benefit victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal. Thanks to them, and all of the HCBL's help and generosity, we raised a whopping $623 for the Nepal Earthquake Fund
, a project of
. Great work!

Leo and Reuben displayed impressive qualities that we try to instill in all of our little players both on and off the field.  
Jon Zeftel
After School Program Director and Youth Sports Director
The YM & YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood